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Pyramid Hamper

Pyramid Hamper


Product Description

Item Weight
1. Matignon XO Brandy 70cl
2. Win2 Vanilla Cream Sandwich Crackers 120gm
3. Win2 Moroll Crunch Wafer Sticks With Chocolate Filling  144gm
4. Cheez Nuts & Snack 150gm
5. Ever Delicious Danish Cookies 180gm
6. Lychee In Syrup 565gm
7. Bird's Nest American Ginseng with White Fungus & Rock Sugar   3x150ml
8. Tip Top Hot Fish Fillet  40gm
9. Tip Top Nyonya Kuih Bangkit  70gm
10. Ferrero Rocher Chocolate  300gm
11. Goliva Almond Chocolate 200gm
12. Pineapple Tart  120gm
13. American Ginseng Tea  8pktx3gm
14. Roasted Groundnuts 80gm
15. Miaow Miaow Prawn Flavoured Crackers 80gm
16. Crispy Muruku  80gm
17. Miaow Miaow Pizza Flavoured Snacks 1.25L
18. Packaging & Decorative 1set
19. Greeting Card  1 pc
Note: All photo are shown for reference purpose only. We reserve the right to substitute any item that is equivalent or other item depending on stock availability.
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